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The Beginner’S Guide To Editing Youtube Videos

If you are not an expert and don’t know where to start, professional high-quality video editing software can keep your content strategy ahead of the curve. It’s become increasingly popular thanks to a free version that offers more than enough features for all but the most demanding users.

Read on to find out what each program can do and why they’re popular with small-fry content creators and household names alike. There is a wide range of video editing software available to make editing your videos easy.

Premiere Pro CC is also part of a larger family of Adobe’s programs aimed at creatives which opens up even more options in putting together unique video content. Stitching together a successful YouTube video from hours of footage you’ve shot is an art form in itself. To do so, you’ll need vision and a powerful video editing program with which to realize it. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the best editing software YouTubers use to create their videos.

But the user interface is very technical, so many people find it hard to use. For audio editing, you can use waveforms to visualize your audio. This free video editor is updated regularly, so you can always use the lasted video editing technology.

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However, you need to fix bugs or problems on your own as it is an open-source editor, and the video effects are also limited. The best free video editing software only available on Windows is VSDC. The free version has a powerful set of features including color correction and audio editing. Good old iMovie comes baked into Mac OS. Like most native Mac apps, this video editor is very intuitive to use. Mac users can use iMovie as a playground for learning the basics of video editing.

Here’s a recent video promo for our free AdWords account structure guide we cut using Premiere Pro. 4k and gif support are boilerplate features for most video editing products today, but one thing Filmora does particularly well is titles. PC users looking for free video editing software should download Lightworks as it offers the most comprehensive set of tools at no cost.

  • You can also use it to add 2D and 3D titles to your video.
  • just turn on linux in settings and type sudo apt install openshot and ur good to go!
  • Alongside video slicing and trimming you can master audio and correct color.
  • If you just want to trim and upload your videos, the rich feature set of DaVinci Resolve may be too extensive.

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The app uses a storyboard style of editing where you load clips, edit and trim them as needed, and then move on to the next segment. It includes over 200 video filters and various other effects, text input, and fast and slow motion support. VivaVideo has a free version that comes with a watermark and a time limit for any given video. You can remove these restrictions by buying the pro version.

The learning curve is steep, but you’ll be able to do almost as much as with premium software once you’re comfortable with it. Thankfully, this only adds more export formats while all of Lightworks’ editing capabilities are free. Premiere Pro CC is a professional-grade video editing software. Along with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, it is the accepted standard in movie and TV production. Pro YouTubers like using Premiere Pro as well because of its flexibility and the thousands of editing tools at their disposal.

Once you are up to speed, you may find that alternative video editing software in this list may better suit your needs. VivaVideo is one of the exceptionally popular video editing apps. In practice, though, it’s a very middle-of-the-road video editor. It works especially well for short clips for social media.

To help you find out the best free video editing software based on your needs and video editing experience, we’ve summarized the key features of each free video editor mentioned above. Lightworks is a great free video editor featured with many video effects. It can edit up to 256 videos, audio, and still image clips.

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